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DIRTY POOL is now repped by…

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A retired Marine turned bounty hunter. (Not an “ex-Marine.” There’s no such thing as an ex-Marine, protagonist Judge Drury will tell you.) His canine deputies, one his former military working dog partner. A predator bounty who takes his homicidal A-game to a small Pocono Mountains town with a crime-free legacy and a quiet population of coal mining widows, bowlers and bingo players. DIRTY POOL is a 65,000-word crime thriller in the tradition of Jonathan Lethem and Carl Hiaasen, where two male POV characters share the horrors of bowling, bingo and binge killing with strong, mature female players. It’s now on submission to a few publishers. And should you be an interested publisher who my agent has yet to contact, then please contact him directly at Wish us luck, folks!

SCARS ON THE FACE OF GOD is Free 9/8-9/9

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FREE 9/8-9/9. A bible penned by the Devil, a demon-hunting priest, two heart-tugging orphans and church custodian Wump Hozer, who earned his name from the sound a crowbar makes when it hits a man’s head. 4.7 rating. Novel SCARS ON THE FACE OF GOD: THE DEVIL’S BIBLE is FREE for Kindle app users Saturday & Sunday, 9/8-9/9. EPIC Awards’ runner-up for BEST in ebook Horror in 2010. 15 five star Amazon reviews. Thumbs up blurbs from two excellent horror/thriller writers, NYT bestselling author JONATHAN MABERRY and major independent SCOTT NICHOLSON. On Amazon: No Kindle? Download the Kindle app for free for use on your PC, Mac, iPhone and elsewhere. And by all means give SCARS a good read. 266 pages. Thanks!

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Spread the word. Saturday & Sunday, 9/8-9/9, download a FREE ebook copy of SCARS ON THE FACE OF GOD by C.G. Bauer on Amazon:

100 Horrors released

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My short-short “Sink” is in here. Full version of it (“Kitchen Sink”) will appear in a short story collection I’m editing that’s coming out in April. In the meantime give this collection a look-see; check out 100 horror authors for cheap. I tried sampling the book on Amazon. At 100 words a short, they were wise not to let you get past the Table of Contents. “Sink” is #24 in the collection.


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Friend and fellow author Carmen Ferreiro-Esteban interviews me here re-launching Scars.

Review: Scars on the Face of God, By C.G.Bauer

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Great review of re-launched Scars from writer/reviewer Maria Violante.

Review: Scars on the Face of God, By C.G.Bauer.

Bookingly Yours blogpost

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A guest blogpost on Bookingly Yours. Blogger Jenai will receive SCARS ON THE FACE OF GOD from me in January, will add it to her TBR & reviewed pile. Thanks much, Jenai.


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Yes, that’s the last official number of downloads/plays of the podcast made of my pulpy short story “You’re A Moron” read by actor Glen Hallstrom. Kevin Colligan took down his awesome website where the podcast (#60) resided. When you pull up the link you’ll be directed elsewhere, where you can still download any of the podcasts he produced, but there’s no longer a counter that tallies them. I was shooting for 100,000 and had tied a promotion around it: “Be one of the first five people to tell me the counter has exceeded 100K downloads and you’ll get a free download of my novel SCARS ON THE FACE OF GOD: THE DEVIL’S BIBLE.” Emails Kevin and I traded let me know he was taking the site down because it had become too time-consuming a passion for him.

Still want to hear “You’re A Moron”? Go here: The “Moron” download counter’s gone, but the cool podcast lives on.